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Driver Coaching & Race Training

Are you looking for ways to improve your times or simply get a better understanding of kart tuning? We can help out with 3 different courses offered.


- 3 Hour Intro to karting. This is a great course if you're just getting into the sport and want some help with driving lines, braking techniques and hitting your marks. We'll go over chassis tuning tips so you have a better understanding of how to tune your kart throughout the day. $300


- 6 Hour Advanced Karting. This is a much more in-depth class to the intro. It will give you more time to improve your skills. This is a really one on one day to improve your times, if a track has 10 corners and you can shave just 1 tenth per corner that's a full second lap improvement multiply that by the number of laps and it makes a huge difference in time. $500


- Chassis Tuning Course. This class is great if you already feel comfortable with your driving skills but want help understanding what changes on your kart will make you faster. Modern kart chassis's have many changes that can be made, you can be the fastest driver but if the chassis isn't working it'll dampen your results. Chassis changes are made throughout a race day to adjust to track conditions. $650