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KPX Round 3 - Race Report


Round 3 took us to the Northern Nevada Kart Club the only regional track outside of California. Saturday was hot and dry and we were all tired after dealing with 108+ weather in NorCal for over a week straight  so Saturday's practice vibe was much more chill and with a corrected altitude of 8,800 feet motors needed some much leaning out.

On race day much our our time in-between races was dealing with tuning the carb for the high altitude, the locals definitely had an advantage right out of the gate. On Practice we were running 5th fastest in senior and 9th and 10th fastest in masters so we had our work cut out!

Senior 206 heat 1 started well and there wasn't much commotion Andrew moved up to 2nd for the finish of the heat. Master 206 heat 1 start to the first 5 laps was a disaster with many groups banging karts around I'm actually surprised they didn't have a restart. Jack and Steve finished 6th and 7th for heat 1 after having to work their way back up.

For the main we had made some chassis adjustments in masters and were ready to go. The karts were a little over hooked so we dropped the chassis. A storm was on its way bringing 20 degree cooler track temp so for the senior race we decided to keep it as is thinking the track would give us the loosness we wanted and didn't want to loosen up the chassis on top of that. Seeing how well the chassis lowering worked for Jack had we done that to Andrew's he may have gotten another tenth out of it which could have been enough to finish up 2nd in the main.

Andrew was starting on the outside and just as we anticipated he slid back into 4th with 3rd place drafting his way into 2nd. The pack of 2nd to 6th constantly changed throughout the race with karts being faster but no one was able to get around the second place kart they were just too close. Andrew finished up 4th with the pack 2nd thru 6th nose to tail.

Jack's kart was moving freely just how he wanted and he was quickly able to make his way up to 4th right behind 3rd he definitely had what it took to get up to the lead pack but the 3rd place kart did a 360 at the top of the hill with Jack right behind him and no where to go ending his day with a broken tie rod. Steve worked his way up to a 5th place finish after long one on one battles to gain the leader pack.

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